Vision Mission Values


God has wonderful things in store for Hobart, way beyond what we could ever ask for or imagine. The church, even our church, is just the beginning. That's why at Crossroads we are calling on everyone to think of Hobart ...but not as we know it. This means lives transformed. This means people living God's new way together. Imagine feeling a part of God's great work. This means people going to work each day and contributing meaningfully as Christian citizens. This means people who have come to know Christ and are now learning about themselves as his people until he returns. All this is just for starters. Hobart ...but not as we know it.


To know God, To know ourselves, To know our surrounds...and to love others


We want to have a gospel ministry here in Hobart, And here's what we value in this ministry. Grace: we don't reach out to find God, he finds us. We don't earn our way in the Christian life, God has set us free for free thru Jesus Christ Wisdom theology: We identify with Hobart; its places are ours too, its people are our friends and family. We don’t just have an affection for Hobart, but a real relationship based on the Creator’s ‘common grace' and an anticipating the renewal of all things. Christ's new way of living: We are set free to live Jesus' new way in the world while we wait for his return. It’s a holy, righteous and wise way. The Normal Christian life: Prayer, evangelism, sacrifices, joy, friendships, bible reading, difficult days, waiting for Jesus are all just part of the normal Christian life. Growth: Although God could still use us are we are, we seek to go forward making space for individuals and ministries to flourish. We are the body.