Open Forum on Starting a Business worth Building and Taking it Somewhere worth Going

Where: 25 Tasma St, North Hobart

When: 9am-1pm

What: a mix of talks, panel discussions, and workshops - all welcome

Cost: $20 (cash on the day)

Early on you got your business plan together, you're gradually figuring out the financials, and the long hours are just the new normal. At Crossroads, we really admire the emerging business leaders among and around us and want to be a church that supports them (you!). So this November we're hosting an Open Forum: We're gathering a bunch of locals to talk about things like the purpose, passion, and people in your business. We're hoping it helps you get refreshed about why you're even in business, and we're hoping you get some practical advice (not to mention some new contacts) to help you in the day-to-day. Come and join us for a morning chewing over Starting a Business worth Building, and Taking it Somewhere worth Going.

Some highlights in the program:

  • Talk: Rethinking Brand: the Conversation your Customers are having about You. Josh Lamont, Figment.
  • Talk: Running a Business without Ruining your Private Life. Hans Kelder, Hobart Marriage Counselling.
  • Panel: Building Better People: daily coaching and staff development. Evthoxia Lynch, Hans Verdouw, Mikey Lynch.
  • Workshop: Entrepreneurial Mums. Meika de Vries, Wee Threads.
  • Workshop: Brand and Social Media: Dos, Don'ts, and Disasters. (TBC)
  • Workshop: Daily Bookwork Disciplines: Clients, Cashflow, Calm. Sam Harrisson, Smartax.
Event Date: 
Saturday, November 2, 2013 - 09:00 to 13:00